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Northwest Germanic
... Northwest Germanic is a proposed grouping of the Germanic dialects, representing the current consensus among Germanic historical linguists ... does not challenge the late 19th-century tri-partite division of the Germanic dialects into North Germanic, West Germanic and East Germanic, but proposes ... Anglo-Saxons had migrated to England and the Elbe Germanic tribes had settled in Southern Germany ...
List Of Germanic Languages - North Germanic
... Vestlandsk Sørlandsk South-West Norwegian Bergen Norwegian/Bergensk North-West Norwegian Nord-Norsk Helgeland Norwegian Nordland Norwegian Troms Norwegian Finnmark Norwegian East ... Scanian Gutnish Old Gutnish† Modern Gutnish Alternate classification of contemporary North Germanic languages Insular Scandinavian Icelandic Faroese Continental Scandinavian Danish Norwegian Swedish ...
Dialect Continuum - Germanic Languages - North Germanic Continuum
... The Germanic languages and dialects of Scandinavia are a classic example of a dialect continuum, from Swedish dialects in Finland, to Swedish Swedish, Gutnish ... The Continental North Germanic languages (Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian) are close enough and intelligible enough that some consider them to be dialects of the same ...
Names Of The Days Of The Week - Days Named After Planets - Germanic Tradition
... Further information Germanic calendar The Germanic peoples adapted the system introduced by the Romans but glossed their indigenous gods over the Roman ... This period is later than the Common Germanic stage, but still during the phase of undifferentiated West Germanic ... week in Scandinavian languages were not calqued from Latin directly, but taken from the West Germanic names ...
South Germanic
... South Germanic is a term used for a number of proposed groupings of the Germanic tribes or dialects ... are found As a straightforward synonym for West Germanic ... This usage is particularly found in the study of Germanic mythology and culture, where it covers English and German sources in contrast to those from Scandinavia, which are termed North Germanic ...

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