Faroese or Faroish may refer to:

  • the Faroese people
  • the Faroese language
  • anything else pertaining to the Faroe Islands

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... Jens Christian Svabo (1746 – 1824) was a pioneering Faroese linguist, scholar, and ethnographer ... of the collection of the Føroya Landsbókasavn (Faroese National Library) ... and recorded by groups interested in traditional Faroese and Celtic music ...
Balzer Jacobsen
... by King Frederik III against the will of the Faroese Lagting ... This period of Faroese history is known in Faroese as Gablatíðin, and was difficult due to the trade monopoly and wishes from Copenhagen about the crown's absolute control of the fiefdom ...
Languages Of The Faroe Islands
... The official language of the Faroe Islands is Faroese ... The Faroese language is a Germanic language which is descended from Old Norse ... Faroese is similar in grammar to Icelandic and Old Norse, but closer in pronunciation to Norwegian ...
Listasavn Føroya - Exhibitions
... collection and shifting exhibitions of old and new Faroese art ... Amongst the Faroese artists which art works are part of the permanent collection these can be mentioned Sámal Joensen-Mikines (1906–79), Janus Kamban (1913–2009) (sculpturer) Ruth Smith (1913–58 ... These exhibitions can be with Faroese artists or with art works by artists from other countries ...