Intonation may refer to:

  • Intonation (linguistics), the variation of tone used when speaking.
  • Intonation (music), a musician's realization of pitch accuracy, or the pitch accuracy of a musical instrument.
  • Intonation Music Festival, held in Chicago.

Other articles related to "intonation":

Shohé Tanaka
... His dissertation concerned just intonation and practical means to its implementation. 53 equal temperament as a means of closely approximating 5-limit just intonation ... of the use of the hexagonal lattice for representing the pitch classes of 5-limit just intonation ...
Czech Phonology - Prosody - Intonation
... However, intonation is a distinctive feature on the level of sentences ... The differences are in their intonation ...
Arabian Maqam - Intonation - Phases and Central Tones - Nucleus
... The tone rows of maqamat may be identical, such as maqam bayati and maqam 'ushshaq turki. ...

Famous quotes containing the word intonation:

    Perhaps universal history is the history of the diverse intonation of some metaphors.
    Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986)