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... The letter n in the end of the syllables is not pronounced, it only indicates the nasality of the preceding vowel ... The graphic accents are used to indicate the stressed syllable in proparoxytone words, and to indicate the stressed syllable in oxytone words that do not end in a consonant ... If this written vowel was simply omitted, syllables could be left without vowels, or consonants left at the end of a word, in ways deemed improper ...
Traditional English Pronunciation Of Latin - Vowels - Open and Closed u - Open u
... developments with the homophonous diphthong eu, which can however appear in closed syllables ... dʒ/), whether original or resulting from the merger of /j/ and the preceding consonant, in both stressed and unstressed syllables e.g ... After the following consonants when they precede u in an initial, final, or stressed syllable /r/ and /l/ rumor, verruca, luna, Lucretia, Pluto, effluvium /s ...
Pirdop Dialect - Phonological and Morphological Characteristics
... Vowel a for Old Church Slavonic ѫ (yus) and ъ (ə) in a stressed syllable and ъ (ə) in an unstressed syllable маж vs ... formal Bulgarian мъ'жът (the man) Verb ending -a instead of formal Bulgarian -ъ in a stressed syllable and a half-reduced -a in an unstressed syllable in ... Ending e instead of formal Bulgarian i for multi-syllable masculine nouns (българе instead of българи) The masculine definite article is -a in a stressed ...
Syllable Stress Of Botanical Latin - Rules
... Vowels followed by two consonants are generally stressed ... Diphthongs are to be stressed, too ... A word is normally stressed on the first syllable, unless there is a reason to put the stress somewhere else ...
Sudanese English - Phonology - Stress, Rhythm and Intonation
... English is a strongly stressed language, in which stress is said to be phonemic, i.e ... words (such as the noun increase, stressed on the first syllable, and the verb increase, stressed on the second syllable see also Initial-stress-derived noun) ... In almost any word of more than one syllable there will be one syllable identified as taking the primary stress, and possibly another taking a secondary stress, as in ...

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    It was a purely wild and primitive American sound, as much as the barking of a chickaree, and I could not understand a syllable of it.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    I am a dreamer of words, of written words. I think I am reading; a word stops me. I leave the page. The syllables of the word begin to move around. Stressed accents begin to invert. The word abandons its meaning like an overload which is too heavy and prevents dreaming. Then words take on other meanings as if they had the right to be young. And the words wander away, looking in the nooks and crannies of vocabulary for new company, bad company.
    Gaston Bachelard (1884–1962)