Fascia Lata

The fascia lata is the deep fascia of the thigh.

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Anterior Cutaneous Branches Of The Femoral Nerve - Medial Cutaneous Nerve of Thigh
... The anterior branch runs downward on the sartorius, perforates the fascia lata at the lower third of the thigh, and divides into two branches one supplies the integument as low down as the medial side of the knee the ... the medial border of the sartorius to the knee, where it pierces the fascia lata, communicates with the saphenous nerve, and gives off several cutaneous branches ... Beneath the fascia lata, at the lower border of the Adductor longus, it joins to form a plexiform net-work (subsartorial plexus) with branches of the saphenous and obturator nerves ...