Fascia Lata - Laterally


Laterally, the fascia lata receives the greater part of the tendon of insertion of the Gluteus maximus, and becomes proportionately thickened.

The portion of the fascia lata attached to the front part of the iliac crest, and corresponding to the origin of the Tensor fasciae latae, extends down the lateral side of the thigh as two layers, one superficial to and the other beneath this muscle; at the lower end of the muscle these two layers unite and form a strong band, having first received the insertion of the muscle.

This band is continued downward, under the name of the iliotibial band (tractus iliotibialis) and is attached to the lateral condyle of the tibia.

The part of the iliotibial band which lies beneath the Tensor fasciae latae is prolonged upward to join the lateral part of the capsule of the hip-joint.

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