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Below, the fascia lata is attached to all the prominent points around the knee-joint, viz., the condyles of the femur and tibia, and the head of the fibula.

On either side of the patella it is strengthened by transverse fibers from the lower parts of the Vasti, which are attached to and support this bone.

Of these the lateral are the stronger, and are continuous with the iliotibial band.

The deep surface of the fascia lata gives off two strong intermuscular septa, which are attached to the whole length of the linea aspera and its prolongations above and below; the lateral and stronger one, which extends from the insertion of the Gluteus maximus to the lateral condyle, separates the Vastus lateralis in front from the short head of the Biceps femoris behind, and gives partial origin to these muscles; the medial and thinner one separates the Vastus medialis from the Adductores and Pectineus.

Besides these there are numerous smaller septa, separating the individual muscles, and enclosing each in a distinct sheath.

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