The D. E. S. T. (an acronym of German: Deutsche Erd- und Steinwerke GmbH or "German Earth & Stone Works Company"), was an SS owned company originally created to procure and manufacture building materials for state construction projects in Nazi Germany DEST was a subsidiary company of Amtsgruppe W (Amt.W) of SS-Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungshauptamt (WVHA). Both Amt.W and the WVHA were headed by SS Obergruppenfuehrer Generalleutnant of the Waffen SS Oswald Pohl and SS Gruppenführer Generalleutnant of the Waffen SS Georg Lörner.

The headquarters for DEST was located in Sankt Georgen an der Gusen a small town in Austria where Gusen II a subcamp of Mathausen was built in 1944.

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Gusen Concentration Camp - History
... On May 25, 1938, the first lots of land were acquired at Gusen by the SS company DEST (Deutsche Erd- und Steinwerke GmbH or "German Earth Stone Works, Inc.") ... From the earliest beginnings, DEST focused its investments on its stone industries at Gusen ... This led to the development of the biggest and most modern DEST plants at Gusen during the first half of World War II, with its own administrative ...
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DEST - History
... DEST was widely successful in the exploitation of slave labor, most of whom were Jews, in the quarries ... In 1943, DEST changed its focus from stone industry to armaments ... From this time DEST played a key role to help the SS enter some key war industries ...