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First Robotech War - Third Robotech War
... Third Robotech War Part of Robotech Wars Date 2031- June 2044 (previous estimates placed the third Robotech War around 2035-36) Location Earth Result Invid retreat ... Invid invasion in 2031, depicted in the third saga of Robotech known as The New Generation, destroyed what was left of the Army of the Southern ... Fortunately, the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) had long been self-sufficient with the help of other recently established extraterrestrial settlements, and was only minimally ...
List Of Robotech Characters - The Second Generation - Nova Satori
... the feudal society that had evolved in the 15 years following the First Robotech War, the GMP constituted the only truly worldwide law-enforcement organization, and was a check ... merely a police force but also maintained its own war machinery, combat forces, and intelligence network ... tries to arrest Zor, lock up Bowie Grant, and capture Musica as a prisoner of war ...
List Of Robotech Vehicles - Spaceships - SDF-3 - History and Background
... The SDF-1 and the newly built SDF-2 were both destroyed at the end of the First Robotech War in Khyron's final attack on New Macross City in January 2014 ... However, circumstances would play out in a manner nobody expected The Robotech Masters had already become aware of the protoculture on Earth and of the failure of their ... The Robotech Expeditionary Force would use the SDF-3 as a base to help rebuild Tirol and help free over a dozen other worlds from Invid occupation, as well as to form alliances with other alien races against ...

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