What is clearance?

  • (noun): Vertical space available to allow easy passage under something.
    Synonyms: headroom, headway
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Shearing (manufacturing) - Principle
... Usually the clearance between the two is 5 to 10% of the thickness of the material, but dependent on the material ... Clearance is defined as the separation between the blades, measured at the point where the cutting action takes place and perpendicular to the direction of blade movement ... Because of normal inhomogeneities in materials and inconsistencies in clearance between the punch and die, the shearing action does not occur in a uniform manner ...
List Of Gear Nomenclature - Backlash
... backlash, sometimes called lash or play, is clearance between mating components, or the amount of lost motion due to clearance or slackness when movement is reversed and contact is re-estab ... For example, in a pair of gears backlash is the amount of clearance between mated gear teeth ...
Mucociliary Clearance
... Mucociliary clearance, also referred to as mucociliary apparatus or mucociliar clearance (MCC), derived from mucus, cilia (cilia of the tracheal surface epithelium in the respiratory tract) and clearance ... Important for good mucociliary clearance are the number of cilia, their structure, activity, and coordinated movement ... Optimum functionality of mucociliary clearance presuppose a temperature of 37 °C and an absolute humidity of 44 mg/dm³ corresponding to a relative humidity of 100% ...
... Clearance can refer to Authorization or permission from an authority Air traffic control clearance in aviation Security clearance, a status granted to individuals ...
Creation of Clearance Cairns
... Many clearance stones were used in the construction of defensive structures, houses, farm buildings, walls, drainage ditches, road metalling, etc ... Where permanent clearance cairns were formed it was predominately on waste land, such as steep slopes, edges of woodland, field corners, and around earth-fast boulders ... Some surviving cairns are of considerable antiquity as field clearance has been practised since the beginnings of agriculture in the Stone Age, such as at the Gardberg site in Vestre ...

More definitions of "clearance":

  • (noun): The distance by which one thing clears another; the space between them.
  • (noun): Permission to proceed.
    Example: "The plane was given clearance to land"