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Eduard Caspar Jacob Von Siebold - Life and Career
... Von Siebold was born 19 March 1801, the son of gynecologist Adam Elias von Siebold, in Würzburg, Germany ... Von Siebold represented a traditional approach in obstetrics and did not embrace the great medical development at the time ... Inspired by the work of James Young Simpson, Von Siebold introduced the use of ether as a general anaesthetic and was the first to carry out a caesarian section using this substance ...
Takano Chōei
... A year later he left for Nagasaki to study under Philipp Franz von Siebold ... for his education by writing papers about Japanese life for von Siebold, gathering plants and translating books from Dutch to Japanese ... After the school was shut down and von Siebold expelled from Japan in 1828 Chōei was forced to flee ...
Boppard - Famous People - Sons and Daughters of The Town
... Heinrich von Siebold (1852-1908), Philipp Franz von Siebold’s younger son, called himself “Henry von Siebold”, worked first at the Austro-Hungarian embassy in Tokyo, later for the Japanese ... Collected, like his brother Alexander von Siebold Japanese cultural goods and in 1896 republished together with him Nippon ... Archiv von Japan, his father’s work on the occasion of his 100th birthday ...

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    You will find the most pronounced hatred of other nations on the lowest cultural levels. There is, though, a level where the hatred disappears completely and where one so to speak stands above the nations and where one experiences fortune or misfortune of a neighboring country as if they had happened to one’s own.
    —Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)