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Tribes 1

TW's forums were created by Naiman and provided an outlet for the disgruntled members of the OGL forums. Soon after the forum's conception, Maio created an automated system for website goers to upload and download demos, or in-game recordings, of OGL matches between the "tribes", the term for the teams formed to play the game competitively. Naiman along with his brother, "Beatstick", and a friend, Brian "Wonderdog" French, picked up and promoted with great success the idea to SHOUTcast matches between top tribes. TribalWar hosted the new broadcast "network", named TSN, or the Tribes SHOUTcast Network, which later became known as the Team Sportscast Network. TSN later separated from TribalWar and formed into a limited liability company and expanded into games beyond Tribes. A bustling forum, demo hosting, a SHOUTcast network, and later hosting for top tribes as well as members of the community who created mods, maps, scripts, and HUDs, or head-up displays, helped TribalWar to become the central Tribes related site.

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