Sic may also refer to:

  • Sic, Cluj, a commune in Romania
  • SIC, the regional code for Sicily
  • Sic (noise artist), styled as , stage name of Jennifer Morris, a Canadian noise artist
  • Sic (band) is a modern Hardcore/Thrash metal band from Torshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands
  • "(sic)", a song by American band Slipknot on the album Slipknot
  • SIC, the initial of Marco Simoncelli.

SIC as an acronym may stand for:

  • SiC, Silicon carbide, a semiconducting material, also used to make metalworking tools
  • SIC (cyclecar) (Società Italiana Cyclecars)
  • Standard Industrial Classification, a 20th-century U.S. system for classifying industries
  • International Standard Industrial Classification a UN system for economic activities
  • Shetland Islands Council
  • San Isidro Club, an Argentine rugby union club
  • Standing Interpretation Committee, a committee dedicated to the interpretation of international accounting standards IFRS
  • Schwarz information criterion in the field of statistics
  • Second-in-command in the field of aviation
  • Sistema Interconectado Central power grid in Chile
  • Sociedade Independente de Comunicação (SIC), a television channel in Portugal
  • Sea Isle City, New Jersey, a coastal town in New Jersey
  • Segmented Integer Counter mode, a mode of operation in cryptography
  • Sepang International Circuit, a high-end racetrack that hosts the Malaysian round of Formula 1
  • Shanghai International Circuit, a motor racing venue in Shanghai, China
  • Simplified instructional computer, a hypothetical computer used in systems programming
  • SIC (Sons Idées Couleurs), an early twentieth-century art magazine produced by French author Pierre Albert-Birot
  • Southeastern Illinois College, a two year Junior College in Harrisburg, IL
  • Specific inductive capacity, abbreviated to SIC, which is more commonly known as the relative permittivity or the dielectric constant
  • St Ignatius' College, Riverview, a Jesuit school in Sydney, Australia
  • Standing Interpretations Committee, see International Financial Reporting Standards
  • State Information Center, a Chinese based think tank
  • Super Imaginative Chogokin, a toy line
  • Super Indy Champ, a Super Famicom video game
  • United Kingdom Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities

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