Rodke Family

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Fearless (novel Series) - Third Story Arc
... In the last story arc, the Rodke family moves into New York city ... The Rodke Family are a wealthy and famous family that own the industrial and worldwide company Rodke pharmaceuticals ... There are four members of the Rodke family Chris Rodke (younger sibling), Liz Rodke (Twin to Chris), Skylar Rodke (older sibling of the two, who is in college) and their father, the company owner ...
Fearless (novel Series) - Antagonists
... comes after Loki sees part of himself in Chris Rodke and realizes that only tragedy comes from insecurity and selfishness ... drug users, gangsters or thugs that had taken the Invince drug that the Rodke family had developed ... Doctor Ulrich Doctor Ulrich worked for the Rodke Family and did gene resequencing on Gaia to make her feel fear, at her request ...

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