List of Oregon Judges - Provisional Government

Provisional Government

In 1843, the Provisional Government of Oregon was created. This government constructed a judicial system headed by a single supreme judge.

Name Years Notes
Albert E. Wilson 1843 Elected at Champoeg Meetings, but never served.
Osborne Russell October 2, 1843-May 14, 1844 Served as circuit judge and presiding judge
Ira L. Babcock June 27, 1844-November 11, 1844 Served as circuit judge and presiding judge
James W. Nesmith December 25, 1844-August 9, 1845 Appointed by Executive Committee before election in 1845, served as circuit judge and presiding judge.
Nathaniel Ford never served Elected by Provisional Legislature on August 9, 1845, declined to serve.
Peter Hardeman Burnett September 6, 1845-December 29, 1846 Elected by legislature as supreme judge.
J. Quinn Thornton February 20, 1847-November 9, 1847 Appointed by Governor George Abernethy as supreme judge.
Columbia Lancaster November 30, 1847-April 9, 1849 Appointed by Governor George Abernethy as supreme judge.
Asa Lovejoy no record Elected by Provisional Legislature on February 16, 1849 as supreme judge.

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Provisional Government

A provisional government is an emergency or interim government set up when a political void has been created by the collapse of a very large government. The early provisional governments were created to prepare for the return of royal rule. Irregularly convened assemblies during the English Revolution, such as Confederate Ireland (1641-49), were described as "provisional." The practice of using "provisional government" as part of a formal name can be traced to Talleyrand's government in France in 1814. The numerous provisional governments during the Revolutions of 1848 gave the word its modern meaning: A liberal government established to prepare for elections. The most notable provisional government was the Russian Provisional Government in 1917

Provisional governments are generally unelected and tend to arise in association with or in the aftermath of civil or foreign wars. In a time of crisis a collapsed government may reform with provisional status under a coalition. Examples of provisional governments active in the 20th and 21st centuries are:

  • Provisional Government of the Republic of China (1912), established after the success of the Wuchang uprising.
  • Provisional Government of Western Thrace (1913), established in modern Greece in opposition to annexation by Bulgaria during the Second Balkan War.
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  • Provisional Government of National Defense (northern Greece), 1916
  • Russian Provisional Government (1917), established as a result of the February Revolution which overthrew Tsar Nicholas II.
  • Estonian Provisional Government (1918-1919)
  • Ukrainian Provisional Government (1918).
  • Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea (1919), established in exile based in Shanghai, China and later in Chongqing, during the Japanese occupation of Korea.
  • Provisional Government of Southern Ireland (1922), established by agreement between the British government and Irish revolutionaries, in order to pave the way for the establishment of the Irish Free State in the same year.
  • Provisional Government of Lithuania (1941), established when Lithuanians overthrew the Soviet occupation during the Lithuanian 1941 independence. It functioned briefly until Nazi Germany annexed the country.
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  • Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic (1958-62) (guerrilla movement)
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Provisional governments were also established throughout Europe as occupied nations were liberated from Nazi occupation by the Allies.

Albanian Declaration Of Independence - Assembly of Vlorë
1912 Albanian Vilayet Declaration of Independence Post-independence Independent Albania Provisional Government Congress of Trieste International Commission ... The Ottoman Government had never taken their interests into consideration and had never been willing to recompense the Albanians for the great services they had rendered ... nation must take today are these that Albania be independent under a provisional government that a council of elders be elected to assist and ...
Subh Sukh Chain - History
... At the proclamation of the Provisional Government of Free India in Singapore in October 1943, Vande Mataram was sung by the crowd ... Bose, the head of the INA and the Provisional Government, would settle it ... It took Vande Mataram's place as the official national anthem of the Provisional Government, and was sung at all meetings, including at the final assembly before Bose's ...
Medorem Crawford - Political Career
... if Euro-American settlers wanted to form a government ... On May 2, 1843, a vote was held creating the Provisional Government of Oregon, with Crawford voting for the creation of the government ... In 1847, he was elected to the Provisional Legislature to represent the Clackamas District ...

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