Hearing Loss

  • (noun): Partial or complete loss of hearing.
    Synonyms: deafness

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Speech Banana
... An audiogram is a graphical representation of a person's hearing acuity at a range of frequencies and loudness levels, and it is generally charted with frequency level (in Hertz on the x-axis and decibel ... People with normal hearing acuity can also hear sounds outside of the speech banana ... Audiologists are primarily concerned with hearing loss that occurs within the speech banana because it can slow the development of a child’s language and speech abilities, and this in turn ...
Adverse Effects Of Fluoroquinolones - Adverse Reactions and Toxicities - Hearing Effects
... Oral and IV use Hearing loss appears to be a very rare event, while fluoroquinolone-induced tinnitus appears to be far more common ... and IV use of the fluoroquinolones have been reported to cause hearing loss, decreased hearing acuity, hypoacusis, and tinnitus ... Specific fluoroquinolones list the loss of hearing as reported events ...
Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome - Diagnosis - Differential Diagnosis (Commonly Mistaken Conditions)
... Duplication of distal phalanx TWIST1 Muenke Syndrome Widely-spaced eyes, Enlarged head, Hearing loss, Flat cheeks, and Low-set ears FGFR3 Crouzon Syndrome Widely-spaced eyes ...
Marshall Syndrome - Clinical Features - Hearing Loss
... The hearing loss associated with Stickler syndrome can be progressive and usually involves the high frequencies ... Sensorineural hearing loss has been reported in as many as 100% and as low as 20% of affected individuals ... A conductive loss due to otitis can magnify an existing sensorineural loss and is a frequent problem for children with Stickler or Marshall Syndrome ...
Mining Equipment - Safety
... that underground miners work in, can cause hearing loss ... with the reverberant effects of underground mines, a miner without proper hearing protection is at a high risk for hearing loss ... coal miners have some hearing loss, compared to only 10% among workers not exposed to loud noises ...

Famous quotes containing the words loss and/or hearing:

    Somebody who should have been born
    is gone.

    Yes, woman, such logic will lead
    to loss without death. Or say what you meant,
    you coward . . . this baby that I bleed.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    Orpheus with his Lute made Trees,
    And the Mountaine tops that freeze,
    Bow themselves when he did sing.
    To his Musicke, Plants and Flowers
    Ever spring; as Sunne and Showres,
    There had been a lasting Spring.
    Every thing that heard him play,
    Even the Billowes of the Sea,
    Hung their heads, and then lay by.
    In sweet Musicke is such Art,
    Killing care, and griefe of heart,
    Fall asleepe, or hearing dye.
    John Fletcher (1579–1625)