General Happiness

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Classical Utilitarianism - John Stuart Mill - Mill's 'proof' of The Principle of Utility
... is desirable, is that people do actually desire it… No reason can be given why the general happiness is desirable, except that each person, so far as he believes it to be attainable, desires his own happiness ... the fallacy of composition, because the fact that people desire their own happiness does not imply that the aggregate of all persons will desire the general happiness ... Having claimed that people do, in fact, desire happiness Mill now has to show that it is the only thing they desire ...

Famous quotes containing the words happiness and/or general:

    In fact, may you be dull
    If that is what a skilled,
    Vigilant, flexible,
    Unemphasised, enthralled
    Catching of happiness is called.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    A general is just as good or just as bad as the troops under his command make him.
    Douglas MacArthur (1880–1964)