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Body Mass Index - Limitations and Shortcomings
... BMI also does not account for body frame size A person may have a small frame and be carrying too much excess fat, but their BMI reflects that they are "healthy" ... Accurate frame size calculators use several measurements (wrist circumference, elbow width, neck circumference and others) to determine what category an individual falls into for a given height ... The standard is to use frame size in conjunction with ideal height/weight charts and add roughly 10% for a large frame or subtract roughly 10% for a smaller frame ...
History Of The Single-lens Reflex Camera - Chronology - 1930s
... Took eight exposures of 4×6.5 cm (1⅝×2½ inch) nominal frames (40×62 mm actual frames) on 127 "Vest Pocket" roll film, and had a folding waist level finder and focal-plane shutter ... Took twelve exposures of 6×6 cm (2¼×2¼ inch) frames on 120 roll film ... The square frame format precluded the awkward manipulations needed to take a vertical photograph with horizontal rectangular format SLRs having then standard waist-level viewfinders ...
Multimedia Container Format - Limits
... Frame size is limited by 32-bit frame size number, limiting frame size at 4 GiB ...
Standard 8 Mm Film - History
... twice the usual number of perforations along its edges, though using the same size sprocket holes ... through the camera, exposing one edge of the film only (the frame size of standard 8 mm film is 4.8 mm x 3.5 mm) ... The standard spool size for amateur use contains 25 ft of film, giving a total of 50 ft available for projection at the usual filming speed of 16 frames per second this gives ...

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    In mathematics he was greater
    Than Tycho Brahe, or Erra Pater:
    For he, by geometric scale,
    Could take the size of pots of ale;
    Resolve, by sines and tangents straight,
    If bread and butter wanted weight;
    And wisely tell what hour o’ th’ day
    The clock doth strike, by algebra.
    Samuel Butler (1612–1680)

    Faith, I have been a truant in the law,
    And never yet could frame my will to it,
    And therefore frame the law unto my will.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)