Field Theory

Field theory may refer to:

  • Field theory (mathematics), the theory of the algebraic concept of field
  • Field theory (physics), a physical theory which employs fields in the physical sense, consisting of two types:
    • Classical field theory, the theory and dynamics of classical fields.
    • Quantum field theory, the theory of quantum mechanical fields.
  • Field theory (psychology), a psychological theory which examines patterns of interaction between the individual and his or her environment

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Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory
... In theoretical physics, a logarithmic conformal field theory is a generalization of the concept of (usually two-dimensional) conformal field theory in ...
S-matrix Theory
... S-matrix theory was a proposal for replacing local quantum field theory as the basic principle of elementary particle physics ... In S-matrix theory, the S-matrix relates the infinite past to the infinite future in one step, without being decomposable into intermediate steps corresponding to time-slices ... influential in the 1960s, because it was a plausible substitute for quantum field theory, which was plagued with the zero interaction phenomenon at strong ...
Spin States (d Electrons) - Ligand Field Theory Vs Crystal Field Theory
... The rationale for why the spin states exist according to ligand field theory is essentially the same as the crystal field theory explanation ...
Autocatalytic Reaction - Phase Transitions
... The derivations typically rely on a mean field theory approximation to microscopic dynamical equations ... Mean field theory breaks down in the presence of large fluctuations (see Mean field theory article for a discussion) ...

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