The word canonical may refer to:

  • Canonical Ltd., a software company
  • a canonical link element in HTML

Other articles related to "canonical":

Canonical Impediment
... In the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, a canonical impediment is a legal obstacle that prevents a sacrament from being performed validly and/or licitly ... Some canonical impediments can be dispensed by the competent authority (usually the local ordinary but some impediments are reserved to the Apostolic See) as defined in Canon Law ...
Canonical S-expressions - Example
... The sexp (this "Canonical S-expression" has 5 atoms) becomes the csexp (4this22Canonical S-expression3has155atoms) Note that no quotation marks are required to escape ...
Canonical Provision - Canonical Institution
... Canonical institution or collation is the concession of a vacant benefice by one who has the authority ... benefice cannot be lawfully obtained without canonical institution ...
Letter Of Saint Clement - Canonical Rank
... First Clement is listed as canonical in "Canon 85" of the Canons of the Apostles, suggesting that First Clement had canonical rank in at least some regions of early Christendom ...

Famous quotes containing the word canonical:

    If God bestowed immortality on every man then when he made him, and he made many to whom he never purposed to give his saving grace, what did his Lordship think that God gave any man immortality with purpose only to make him capable of immortal torments? It is a hard saying, and I think cannot piously be believed. I am sure it can never be proved by the canonical Scripture.
    Thomas Hobbes (1579–1688)