Address Space

In computing, an address space defines a range of discrete addresses, each of which may correspond to a network host, peripheral device, disk sector, a memory cell or other logical or physical entity.

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Global Dialing Scheme - GDS in North America
... The address space is divided into two parts North American E.164 Space and North American Super Space ... North American E.164 Space correlates to existing telephone number assignments and is well-suited for IP telephony applications ... North American Super Space utilizes unused NANP address space starting with 0 or 1 to create an address space that is separate from existing telephone numbering addresses ...
Timeline Of Binary Prefixes - 2000s
... "Each address space, called a 64-bit address space, is 16 exabytes (EB) in size an exabyte is slightly more than one billion gigabytes ... The new address space has logically 264 addresses ... times the size of the former 2-gigabyte address space, or 18,446,744,073,709,600,000 bytes." 2008 The US National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines require use of ...
... serves as a preventive strategy to avoid topological fragmentation of the IP address space by using a hierarchical allocation system that delegates control of segments of address space to regional network service ... The benefits of supernetting are conservation of address space and efficiencies gained in routers in terms of memory storage of route information and processing ...
Shadow RAM (Acorn)
... and 65C102 processors with a 16-bit address space ... The address space was split into 32 KB RAM (0x0000 to 0x7FFF), 16 KB Sideways "paged" address space (0x8000 to 0xBFFF) and 16 KB operating system space (0xC000 to 0xFFFF) ... Shadow RAM is a 20 KB block of RAM that sits outside of the real address space, accessed via operating system calls ...
Address Space - Address Mapping and Translation
... Another common feature of address spaces are mappings and translations, often forming numerous layers ... This usually means that some higher-level address must be translated to lower-level ones in some way ... in simple cases, via addition of the partition's first sector address ...

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