• (verb): Furnish.
    Example: "A beautifully appointed house"
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Shoftim (parsha) - Commandments
... To appoint judges Not to plant a tree in the sanctuary Not to erect a column in a public place of worship Not to offer a temporarily blemished animal To act according to the ruling of the Sanhedrin ... Not to panic and retreat during battle To appoint a priest to speak with the soldiers during the war To offer peace terms to the inhabitants of a city while ...
Connecticut Rail Commuter Council - Membership
... New Haven Rail Commuter Council established) The Governor shall appoint four members, the president pro tempore of the Senate shall appoint three members, the speaker of the House of ...
Law Reform Commission Of New South Wales - Constitution
... The Governor of New South Wales may appoint a chairperson of the commission ... The governor may also appoint deputy chairpersons of the commission ... The governor must also appoint two other commissioners to the commission ...
Saxbe Fix - History
... William Taft used what is now referred to as the Saxbe Fix to appoint Philander C ... of State President Richard Nixon used the Saxbe Fix to appoint William B ... Saxbe as Attorney General President Jimmy Carter used the Saxbe Fix to appoint Edmund Muskie as Secretary of State President Bill Clinton used the Saxbe Fix to appoint ...
Bonnie Newman - Appointment To United States Senate
... On February 3, 2009, President Barack Obama announced that he would appoint Gregg, then a Republican Senator representing New Hampshire, as the Secretary of Commerce ... the day, Lynch announced that he would appoint Newman to the Senate to fill Gregg's seat ... Gregg reached a deal with Governor John Lynch that he would appoint a placeholder in order to avoid changing the partisan makeup of the United States Senate ...

More definitions of "appoint":

  • (verb): Assign a duty, responsibility or obligation to.
    Synonyms: charge

Famous quotes containing the word appoint:

    appoint for us, then, a king to govern us, like other nations.
    Bible: Hebrew, 1 Samuel 8:5.

    Leaders of ancient Israel asking the last of the judges, Samuel, to appoint a king.

    Without infringing on the liberty we so much boast, might we not ask our professional Mayor to call upon the smokers, have them register their names in each ward, and then appoint certain thoroughfares in the city for their use, that those who feel no need of this envelopment of curling vapor, to insure protection may be relieved from a nuisance as disgusting to the olfactories as it is prejudicial to the lungs.
    Harriot K. Hunt (1805–1875)