Angora is the historic name of Ankara, Turkey

Angora may also refer to:

  • Angora, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Angora (SEPTA station), a commuter rail station
  • Angora Township, Minnesota
  • Angora, Nebraska
  • Angora (band), a musical group
  • Angora wool, from the Angora rabbit
  • Angora rabbit, a breed of rabbit
  • Angora goat, a breed of goat
  • Turkish Angora, a breed of cat originally known as just Angora.
  • Oriental Longhair, a breed of cat formerly known as the British Angora.
  • Tygodnik Angora, a Polish language publication
  • Angora Lakes, a set of freshwater lakes in the Sierra Nevada
    • Angora Fire, a 2007 forest fire near the lakes

Other articles related to "angora":

Animal Fiber - Wool - Angora
... Angora wool or Angora fiber refers to the down coat produced by the Angora rabbit ... There are many types of Angora rabbits - English, French, German and Giant ... Angora is prized for its softness, thin fibers of around 12-16 micrometers for quality fiber, and what knitters refer to as a halo (fluffiness) ...
Angora Fire
... The Angora Fire was a wind driven fire that started near North Upper Truckee Road subdivision near Angora Lakes, Fallen Leaf Lake, Echo Lake and South Lake Tahoe, California around 215 PM on Sunday, June 24, 2007 as a ...
Angora, Nebraska
... Angora (also Antelope Hill) is an unincorporated community in northern Morrill County, Nebraska, United States ... city of Ankara, which was then known as Angora ...
Tygodnik Angora
... Tygodnik Angora, commonly known as Angora, is a Polish language weekly press review published in Warsaw, Dortmund, Chicago, Toronto and New York ...
Angora Lakes
... The Angora Lakes are two small freshwater lakes in the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe Watershed ~1,200 ft (370 m) in elevation above Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe ... It is the location of the Angora Lakes Resort, a small summer outdoor recreation location ... The lakes were named for a herd of Angora goats that used to graze in the area ...