Blue Eye

Blue Eye may refer to:

  • Blue Eye, Albania, a tourist attraction in Albania
  • Blue Eye, Arkansas
  • Blue Eye, Missouri
  • AGM-79 Blue Eye, an air-to-surface missile
  • Nazar (amulet) or Blue Eye

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Stone County, Missouri - Education - Public Schools
... Blue Eye R-V School District - Blue Eye Blue Eye Elementary School (PK-04) Blue Eye Middle School (05-08) Blue Eye High School (09-12) Crane R-III School ...
Blue Eye, Albania
... The Blue Eye (Albanian Syri i kaltër) is a water spring, natural phenomenon occurring in Saranda, Albania ... A popular tourist attraction, the clear blue water of the river bubbles forth from a stunning, more than fifty-metre-deep pool ...
Odd-eyed Cat - Eyeshine and Red-eye Effect
... In flash photographs, odd-eyed cats typically show a red-eye effect in the blue eye, but not in the other eye ... due to the combined effect of the (normal) presence of a tapetum lucidum in both eyes and the absence of melanin in the blue eye ... The tapetum lucidum produces eyeshine in both eyes, but in the non-blue eye a layer of melanin over the tapetum lucidum selectively removes some colors of light ...
AGM-79 Blue Eye - Overview
... The Blue Eye was a development of the AGM-12 Bullpup, intended to provide a more advanced homing system ... steered onto the target, whereas the guidance system in the Blue Eye was an optical area correlation seeker ... The Blue Eye used the same airframe as the AGM-12C/E ...
List Of High Schools In Missouri - Stone County
... Blue Eye R-V School District - Blue Eye Blue Eye High School Crane R-III School District - Crane Crane High School Galena R-II School District - Galena Galena High School ...

Famous quotes related to blue eye:

    This side of the truth,
    You may not see, my son,
    King of your blue eyes
    In the blinding country of youth,
    That all is undone,
    Under the unminding skies....
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)