What is steam?

  • (verb): Emit steam.
    Example: "The rain forest was literally steaming"
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Steam is the technical term for water vapor, the gaseous phase of water, which is formed when water boils. Water vapor cannot be seen, though in common language it is often used to refer to the visible mist of water droplets formed as this water vapor condenses in the presence of cooler air. Strictly speaking, in terms of the chemistry and physics, true steam is invisible. At lower pressures, such as in the upper atmosphere or at the top of high mountains water boils at a lower temperature than the nominal 100 °C (212 °F) at standard temperature and pressure. If heated further it becomes superheated steam.

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Some articles on steam:

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... The Mallet Locomotive is a type of articulated steam railway locomotive, invented by the Swiss engineer Anatole Mallet (1837 - 1919) ... The essence of his idea combines articulation of the locomotive and compound steam use ... on a bogie frame (called a Bissell truck) the compound steam system fed steam at boiler pressure to high pressure cylinders for the main driving wheels ...
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2007 New York City Steam Explosion
... The July 18, 2007 New York City steam explosion sent a geyser of hot steam up from beneath a busy intersection, with a 40-story-high shower of mud and flying ... failure of a Consolidated Edison 24-inch underground steam pipe installed in 1924, at 41st Street and Lexington Avenue, near Grand Central Terminal, just before 6 p.m ... The towering cloud of billowing steam, higher than the nearby 1,047-foot (319 m)-tall Chrysler Building, persisted for at least two hours, leaving a crater ...

More definitions of "steam":

  • (noun): Water at boiling temperature diffused in the atmosphere.
  • (verb): Travel by means of steam power.
    Example: "The ship steamed off into the Pacific"
  • (verb): Rise as vapor.
  • (verb): Cook something by letting steam pass over it.
    Example: "Just steam the vegetables"
  • (verb): Get very angry.
    Example: "Her indifference to his amorous advances really steamed the young man"
  • (verb): Clean by means of steaming.
    Example: "Steam-clean the upholstered sofa"
    Synonyms: steam clean

Famous quotes containing the word steam:

    Clean the spittoons.
    The steam in hotel kitchens,
    And the smoke in hotel lobbies,
    And the slime in hotel spittoons:
    Part of my life.
    Langston Hughes (1902–1967)

    A steam ran small and terrible and shrill;
    it was so still;
    the stream ran from the oak-copse
    and returned and ran
    back into shadow.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)

    The windows were then closed and the steam turned on. There was a sign up saying that no one could smoke, but you couldn’t help it. You were lucky if you didn’t burst into flames.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)