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Adhesive Weight
... weight that is applied to the driving wheels and so capable of delivering traction ... The more weight applied to the driving wheels, the greater the locomotive's ability to haul a load ... But if the weight on the driving wheels exceeds the axle load of the line, the railway infrastructure will be damaged ...
LNWR 2-2-2 3020 Cornwall - Early High-speed Locomotive Design
... was focussed on the need for single large-diameter driving wheels of around 8 foot (96") ... The wheel diameter is effectively the "gear ratio" of a steam engine ... Large driving wheels deliver the high linear tyre speed needed for fast locomotives, whilst keeping the axle bearing and piston speeds low enough to remain within the technology limits ...
SECR K And SR K1 Classes - Design and Construction - K1 Class
2 and 3-cylinder tank engines of 2-8-0 wheel arrangement for heavy shunting of freight wagons. 3-cylinder 2-6-0 tender locomotives with 6 ft (1,830 mm) driving wheels should be built instead of tank locomotives ... locomotive in 1922, although it retained the 6 ft (1,830 mm) driving wheels and shorter wheelbase of the K class ...
SECR K And SR K1 Classes - Operational Details - Sevenoaks Disaster
... amplitude, combined with a side-slipping movement that caused the driving wheels to mount the rails ... combination of a surge in the water tanks and the flanges of the locomotive's lead driving wheels mounting the rail at speed due to poor quality track-work ... to Deal express with a Pullman carriage when the leading driving wheels derailed at 55 mph (89 km/h) over catch points in a cutting ...
SR Merchant Navy Class - Design - Cylinders, Valve Gear, Wheels and Brakes
... equipped with the unusual 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) Bulleid-Firth-Brown (BFB) driving wheels which were lighter, yet stronger than the spoked equivalent ... and featured 3 ft 1 in (0.94 m) BFB wheels ... A long coupled driving wheelbase was incorporated into the design to keep the locomotives within the lineal loading of the Southern Railway's narrower bridges ...

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