What is Ram?

  • (noun): Uncastrated adult male sheep.
    Synonyms: tup
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Alex Ramírez
... exander Ramón Ramírez (born on 15 August 1974) is a Venezuelan former Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder who currently plays for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars of Nippon ...
Epson QX-10
... It was based on a Zilog Z80 microprocessor, running at 4 MHz, provided up to 256K of RAM organized in four switchable banks, and included a separate graphics processor chip (µPD7220) manufactured by NEC to ... In the USA, two versions were launched a basic CP/M configuration with 64 K RAM and the HASCI configuration with 256 K RAM and the special HASCI keyboard to be used with the bundled application suite, called Valdocs ...
Norberto Ramírez
... Norberto Ramírez Áreas (late 18th century, León, Nicaragua — 11 July 1856, León, Nicaragua) was a Nicaraguan lawyer and politician ... in San Salvador led by General Francisco Malespín forced the resignation of Ramírez's predecessor, Colonel Antonio José Cañas ... Villacorta rejected the appointment, Norberto Ramírez took over the government ...
Creative Micro Designs - Products For Commodore's C64 and C128
... FD series Floppy disk drives HD Series Hard disk drives RAMLink RAM upgrade for C64/128, essentially a RAM disk with battery backup used 1-MB and 4-MB ... with a 16-bit WDC 65816 CPU @ ~20 MHz SuperRAMCard Fast RAM expansion card to fit inside a SuperCPU ...

More definitions of "Ram":

  • (verb): Strike or drive against with a heavy impact.
    Example: "Ram the gate with a sledgehammer"
    Synonyms: ram down, pound
  • (verb): Undergo damage or destruction on impact.
    Synonyms: crash
  • (noun): (astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Aries.
    Synonyms: Aries
  • (noun): The most common computer memory which can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on; an integrated circuit memory chip allows information to be stored or accessed in any order and all storage locations are equally accessible.
    Synonyms: random-access memory, random access memory, random memory, read/write memory
  • (verb): Force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically.
    Synonyms: force, drive
  • (noun): A tool for driving or forcing something by impact.
  • (noun): The first sign of the zodiac which the sun enters at the vernal equinox; the sun is in this sign from about March 21 to April 19.
    Synonyms: Aries, Aries the Ram

Famous quotes containing the word ram:

    At one time or another, almost every politician needs an honest man so badly that, like a ravenous wolf, he breaks into a sheep-fold: not to devour the ram he has stolen, however, but rather to conceal himself behind its wooly back.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)