Keyboard may refer to:

  • Typewriter keyboard, used to enter text onto paper
  • Computer keyboard, a set of keys used to input information to a computer
    • IBM PC keyboard
    • Apple Keyboard
    • Chorded keyboard, on which several keys are pressed together to enter a letter or command

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Knight Keyboard
... The Knight keyboard, designed by Tom Knight, was used with the MIT-AI lab's bitmapped display system ... It was a precursor to the space-cadet keyboard ...
Keyboard - Music
... Musical keyboard, a set of adjacent keys or levers used to play a musical instrument Keyboard instrument, an instrument with a musical keyboard Electronic ... Pedal keyboard, a foot-operated keyboard that is placed on the floor Keyboardist, a musician who plays keyboard instruments Keyboard Magazine, a publication about musical instruments ...
... The clavioline is an electronic keyboard instrument, a forerunner to the analog synthesizer ... It consists of a keyboard and a separate amplifier and speaker unit ... The keyboard usually covered three octaves, and had a number of switches to alter the tone of the sound produced, add vibrato, and provide other effects ...
Damage: Live - Additional Personnel
... mixing David Singleton - digital editing, assistant producer Stuart White - keyboard and recording technician Alan Pollard - keyboard and recording technician (U.K ... technician Dave Newton - stage manager, keyboard/guitar technician Haruki Kaito - light and stage design Phil Wiffen - light operator Tim Hook - tour manager ...
Alpha Smart - Background
... of the written text as if it were the computer's keyboard ... the Alphasmart can be used as a standard keyboard ... and writers, who find them easy to carry and appreciate the full-size keyboard and long battery life ...