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Amiga Chip RAM
... Chip RAM is a commonly used term for the integrated RAM used in Commodore's line of Amiga computers ... Chip RAM is shared between the central processing unit (CPU) and the Amiga's dedicated chipset (hence the name) ... It was also, rather misleadingly, known as "graphics RAM" ...
MOS Technology Agnus - Chips By Capability
... OCS Agnus which can address up to 512 kB of Chip RAM (PLCC versions add 512 kB of pseudo-fast RAM) 8361 (DIP) - Amiga 1000 (NTSC) Amiga 2000 model A (NTSC) 8367 (DIP) - Amiga 1000 (PAL ...
Amiga 2000 - Technical Information - Specifications
68000 at 7.16 MHz (NTSC) or 7.09 MHz (PAL) RAM 1 MB consisting of either 512 kB of "chip" RAM and 512 kB additional RAM 1 MB of "chip" RAM Upgradeable to 2 ...
Amiga 2000 - Technical Information
... The majority of A2000 systems shipped with Commodore's Original Chip Set and 1 MB of RAM (512 kB of "chip" RAM and 512 kB additional RAM) and either AmigaOS 1.2 or 1.3 ... Later revisions shipped with the improved Enhanced Chip Set, 1 MB "chip" RAM and AmigaOS 2.0 ... Such upgrades may also accommodate additional RAM, FPUs, MMUs and even SCSI controllers ...
Amiga 500 - Technical Specifications - Expansions
... The casing can also be opened up (voiding the warranty), all larger chips are socketed rather than being TH/SMD soldered directly to the motherboard, so they can be replaced by hand ... The Chip RAM can be upgraded to 1 MB directly on the motherboard, provided a Fat Agnus chip is also installed to support it ... Likewise, all the custom chips can be upgraded to the ECS chipset ...

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