Shou may refer to:

  • Robin Shou (b. 1960), a Chinese American actor
  • The Chinese character shou (寿) that means "longevity"
  • Shou County, a county in China
  • Shō, a Japanese instrument
  • Shō, a traditional Japanese unit of volume equal to 1.8L

Other articles related to "shou":

Akumetsu - Characters - School
... businessmen and politicians, though her very first night of terror was cut short when Shou, wearing his trademark Akumetsu mask, showed up and, much to her horror, mauled to death the man she was ordered to serve ... carnage, she was even more appalled to find Shou alive and well the next day at school, though again she is brushed off as a lunatic ... official from the previous night then questions her, and there Shou intervenes and makes a clear statement of his powers, the fact that he is immortal and ...
Robin Shou
... Shou Wan Por (Chinese 仇雲波, born July 17, 1960), known professionally as Robin Shou, is a Hong Kong martial artist and actor ... Shou is best known for his role as Liu Kang in the Mortal Kombat film series, as well as the role of Gobei in Beverly Hills Ninja with the late Chris Farley ...
Shou County - History
... Shou, formerly known as Shouchun (壽春) and Shouyang (壽陽), was the site of the fourth capital of the former State of Chu from 241 BCE, after the Chu royal court ... King You of Chu was buried in Shou County, though his tomb was destroyed by warlords in the 1930s ... Shou became renowned throughout China for its pottery during the Sui and Tang Dynasties ...
Shou Wu Chih - Production and Export
... Shou Wu Chih is produced in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, under the brand name Yang Cheng ... Many Shou Wu tonics are produced in many cities in China and can be purchased at many pharmacy shops in China ... Some health food stores in the United States import Shou Wu capsules, and Shou Wu herb ...