Anti may refer to:

  • Anti (mythology), the ferryman who carried Isis to Set's island in Egyptian mythology
  • Änti, or Antaeus, half-giant in Greek and Berber mythology
  • Áńt’į, or Corpse powder, Navajo folkloric substance made from powdered corpses
  • ANTI-, an American independent record label
  • ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival, a yearly international live-art festival held in Kuopio, Finland
  • Antiparticle, a particle with the same mass but opposite charges in particle physics
  • Anti addition in organic chemistry
  • Anti EP, an EP by Autechre
  • Anti conformation, in alkane stereochemistry
  • Campa, or Anti, a tribe of South American Indians

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... has since (2008) re-emphasized his disdain for the term anti-psychiatry, arguing that its legacy has simply been a "catchall term used to delegitimize ... Laing, Berke and Redler) who never defined it yet "counter-label their discipline as anti-psychiatry", and that he considers Laing most responsible for popularizing it ... is often thought to have been part of anti-psychiatry in its efforts to challenge oppression and stigma and, specifically, to get homosexuality removed from the American ...
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... Anti-psychiatry is a configuration of groups and theoretical constructs that emerged in the 1960s, which challenged the fundamental assumptions and practices of psychiatry and sought to develop alternatives ... The anti-psychiatry movement says that the specific definitions of, or criteria for, hundreds of current psychiatric diagnoses or disorders are vague and arbitrary, leaving too much room for ... mental health professionals and academics profess anti-psychiatry views, as do a number of former and current users of psychiatric services ...