Schlesinger is a German surname meaning "from Silesia" (German: Schlesien) and may refer to:

  • Adam Schlesinger (born 1967), American composer and musician
  • Adolf Martin Schlesinger (1769–1838), German founder of A.M. Schlesingers Musikhandlung
  • Alan Schlesinger (born 1960), American politician and Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut in 2006
  • Alice Schlesinger (born 1988), Israeli Olympic judoka
  • Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Sr. (1888–1965), American historian and professor at Harvard University
  • Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr. (1917–2007), son of the above, American historian, social critic and former John F. Kennedy associate
  • Bruno Schlesinger (1876–1962), American German-born conductor and composer who changed his name to "Bruno Walter" in 1911
  • Carl Schlesinger (1813–1871), Austrian cellist
  • Cory Schlesinger (born 1972), American football player
  • David Schlesinger (born 1960), American journalist who is the Editor-in-Chief of Reuters
  • Don Schlesinger, American gaming mathematician, author, lecturer and famous blackjack player
  • Frank Schlesinger (1871–1943), American astronomer
  • Hermann Irving Schlesinger (1882–1960), American chemist
  • Iliza Shlesinger (born 1983), American comedian
  • James R. Schlesinger (born 1929), U.S. Secretary of Defense (1973–1974)
  • Joe Schlesinger (born 1928), Canadian television journalist and author
  • John Schlesinger (1926–2003), British film director
  • Katharine Schlesinger, British actress
  • Kathleen Schlesinger, British musicologist (1862 Holywood near Belfast - 1953 London)
  • Klaus Schlesinger (1937–2001), German writer and winner of the 2000 Erich Fried Prize
  • Leon Schlesinger (1884–1949), American Looney Tunes producer
  • Ludwig Schlesinger (1864–1933), Hungarian-German mathematician, proved Hilbert's twenty-first problem
  • Rudolf B. Schlesinger (professor) (1901–1969), Scottish Marxist theoritician and sovietologist of the University of Glasgow
  • Rudolf Schlesinger (1909–1996), German-born Professor of Comparative Law at Cornell University, Director of the Cornell Common Core Project
  • Walter Schlesinger (1908–1984), German historian

Things that are named after people with this surname:

  • Leon Schlesinger Productions, the 1933 founding name of The Warner Bros. animation division, named after Leon Schlesinger
  • Schlesinger (crater), a lunar impact crater on the far side of the Moon
  • Schlesinger Building, a skyscraper in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Schlesinger institute, Research institute for Jewish medical ethics, named after Falk Schlesinger M.D.
  • Schlesinger Library, a research library at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, named after Arthur M. Schlesinger, Sr.

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... The Schlesinger Institute for Medical-Halachic Research was founded in 1966 under the auspices of Shaare Zedek Medical Center, imbuing its professional pursuits with the spirit of Torah ... The Schlesinger Institute is dedicated to the halachic approach of medical ethics ...
Stephen Schlesinger - Biography
... Schlesinger graduated from Harvard University with a B.A ... Schlesinger served as a speechwriter and foreign policy advisor for New York Governor Mario Cuomo, who was elected during 1982 to the first of three consecutive terms ... After Cuomo's defeat in 1994, Schlesinger worked for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT, a United Nations agency for human settlements planning ...
Schlesinger Doctrine - Controversy
... The basic outline of the Schlesinger Doctrine remained in effect until the period of rapid disarmament in the 1980s, although it saw numerous modifications ... was not seeking a counterforce ability, but the Schlesinger Doctrine clearly stated that they were ... Schlesinger's concerns about the SALT process would eventually lead to his resignation in 1975 ...
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