• (adj): Relating to a president or presidency.
    Example: "Presidential aides"; "presidential veto"
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Some articles on presidential:

Roger MacBride
... He was the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in the 1976 election ... MacBride became the first presidential elector in U.S ... history to cast a vote for a woman when, in the presidential election of 1972, he voted for the Libertarian Party candidates John Hospers for president and Theodora "To ...
President Of South Korea
... The Constitution and the amended Presidential Election Act of 1987 provide for election of the president by direct, secret ballot, ending sixteen years of ... If a presidential vacancy should occur, a successor must be elected within sixty days, during which time presidential duties are to be performed by the prime minister or other ...
Vehicle Registration Plates Of Indonesia - Special Plate Designs - Senior Government Officials
... These numbers are used for a ceremonial purposes, such as presidential/vice presidential inaugurations, national day ceremonies and armed forces day ... take the oath, the plates are moved from the former presidential/vice presidential cars to the new car ... These numbers also being used for all ceremonial presidential/vice presidential cars, no matters what the type of the vehicles used, and being white on red design ...
Free Soil Party - Presidential Candidates
... Year Presidential candidate Vice Presidential candidates Won/Lost 1848 Martin Van Buren Charles Francis Adams Lost 1852 John P ...
Androscoggin County, Maine - Politics - Presidential Elections
... Presidential election results Year Democrat Republican 2012 55.0% 28,912 42.3% 22,210 2008 56.6% 31,017 41.3% 22,671 2004 54.4% 30,503 43.7% 24,519 2000 53.3% 26,251 40.5% 19,948 In Presidential elections ... In the last five Presidential elections the Republican candidate has received as much as 43.7%, but still lost by more than ten percent each time ...

More definitions of "presidential":

  • (adj): Befitting a president.
    Example: "Criticized the candidate for not looking presidential"

Famous quotes containing the word presidential:

    Mr. Roosevelt, this is my principal request—it is almost the last request I shall ever make of anybody. Before you leave the presidential chair, recommend Congress to submit to the Legislatures a Constitutional Amendment which will enfranchise women, and thus take your place in history with Lincoln, the great emancipator. I beg of you not to close your term of office without doing this.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)

    The Republican Vice Presidential Candidate ... asks you to place him a heartbeat from the Presidency.
    Adlai Stevenson (1900–1965)

    Because of these convictions, I made a personal decision in the 1964 Presidential campaign to make education a fundamental issue and to put it high on the nation’s agenda. I proposed to act on my belief that regardless of a family’s financial condition, education should be available to every child in the United States—as much education as he could absorb.
    Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908–1973)