Sami may refer to:

  • Sami people of the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Kola Peninsula, Karelia and Finland
    • Sami cuisine
    • Sami languages of the Sami people
    • Sami shamanism, a faith of the Sami people
  • Sami, Burkina Faso, one of the six districts of the Banwa Province
  • Sami District of Gambia
  • Sami, Kefalonia, a municipality in Kefalonia, Greece
  • Sami (ancient city), in Elis, Greece
  • Sami Bay, east of Sami, Greece
  • Karuppu Sami, a Tamil deity
  • Prosopis cineraria, the common name of the tree known as sami or sumri
  • Ali Sami Yen Stadium
  • Saamy, a 2003 Tamil film
  • SAMI, Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange, a closed captioning format developed by Microsoft
  • South African Malaria Initiative

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Laila Stien
... Her literary works often contain elements from Northern Norway and Sami culture ... Stien has translated books from Sami language into Norwegian, and has edited anthologies on modern Sami literature ...
Sami, Burkina Faso
... Sami is a village in the Sami Department of Banwa Province in western Burkina Faso ... As of 2005 it had a population of 340 ...
Love & Death - Credits
... Taneli Jarva - Vocals Bass guitar Miika Tenkula - Guitar Sami Lopakka - Guitar Vesa Ranta - Drums Sentenced Ville Laihiala Miika Tenkula Sami Lopakka Sami Kukkohovi Vesa Ranta Lari Kylmänen Taneli Jarva Studio ...
Lars Nilsson (shaman) - Background
... the authorities of the church and state sent a couple of Christian Sami to investigate a case of suspicious sorcery of the Sami Lars Nilsson ... knees in front of the wooden icons of the Sami gods outside his tent for his grandson, who the same day had drowned in a well, in the purpose of giving him his life back ... The Christian Sami had told him to stop with his "Devilish" activity and took the drum away from him with force ...
Lars Nilsson (shaman)
... Lars Nilsson (died 1693) was a Sami who was burned at the stake for being a follower of the old Sami religion in Arjeplog in Sweden during the time of the ...