Hungarian may refer to:

  • Hungary, a country in Central Europe
  • Kingdom of Hungary, state of Hungary, existing from 1000 to 1946
  • Hungarian people, the ethnic group primarily associated with Hungary
  • Hungarian language, the language spoken by Hungarian people
  • Hungarian notation, a naming convention in computer programming
  • Hungarian cuisine

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Khanty Language - Grammar - Numerals
... Khanty numerals, compared with Hungarian and Finnish, are # Khanty Hungarian Finnish 1 yit, yiy egy yksi 2 katn, kat kettő, két kaksi 3 xutəm három kolme 4 nyatə négy neljä 5 wet öt viisi 6 xut hat ...
... epitome twice mentions Khalisioi in the Hungarian army ... Khalis and Kabars (Kavars) of the Khazar realm had joined the Hungarian (Magyar) federation that had conquered and settled in Hungary ... al-Khalis amongst the nomadic Muslim Pechenegs (Hungarian Besenyő), that lived around the southern steppes of Russia ...
Ferencvárosi TC - History
... Ferencváros is the most successful Hungarian team on both home and international turf ... They won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup 1964-65, and have won the Hungarian National Championship I 28 times and the Hungarian Cup 20 times ... division championships since the start of Hungarian Football Championships in 1901 until the 2006/07 season in which they were relegated to the NB II for not meeting financial criteria ...
History Of Hungary - Late Modern Period (1700–1918) - Austria–Hungary (1867–1918)
... To appease Hungarian separatism, the Emperor made a deal with Hungary, negotiated by Ferenc Deák, called the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867, by which the dual ... The old Hungarian Constitution was restored, and Franz Joseph was crowned as King of Hungary ... In 1868, Hungarian and Croatian assembly made the Croatian–Hungarian Agreement by which Croatia was recognised as autonomous region of Holly crown ...