Indo may refer to:

  • Indo-, prefix indicating India
    • Examples of words with Indo- prefix: Indology, Indologist, Indomania, Indophobia, Indophile, and Indo-European
  • Indo people, people of mixed European and Indonesian ancestry
  • INDO, the Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap semi-empirical method
  • Indo (apple), an apple cultivar
  • Irish Independent, commonly nicknamed 'The Indo'
  • Cannabis (drug), known by the slang term 'endo' or 'indo'
  • An abbreviation of "Indonesia"

Other articles related to "indo":

Indo-Caribbean Music
... Indo-Caribbean music refers the music culture of the Indo-Caribbean descendants - now numbering over a million - of indentured immigrants who came from India between 1845 and 1917 ...
... Indo-Mauritians are people of Indian descent living on the island of Mauritius, where they represent a majority comprising 68% of the population according to the July 2007 statistics ... A majority of Indo-Mauritians are of Bihari descent (among the Hindus Brahmin, Rajput, Kurmi, Bhumihar, Yadav, Banias, and Kayastha castes are well represented) ...
Aryan Language
... most of the 20th century to mean The Old Persian language The Vedic Sanskrit language The Proto-Indo-Iranian language Any of the Indo-Iranian languages In works published in the late 19th century and early ... in the plural was sometimes used as a synonym for the Indo-European languages ...
Theophilos (king) - A Bactrian King Theophilos?
... Although this is not a very common occurrence on Indo-Greek coins, the coins of Theophilos have generally been accepted as belonging to one unique king ... that the coins issued by the later Indo-Greek kings for export into Bactria were consistently similar to these kings' regular Indian coinage ... Preceded by Diomedes Indo-Greek Ruler (Paropamisadae) (c ...