Repository commonly refers to a location for storage, often for safety or preservation.

Repository may also refer to:

  • Repository (version control), a concept from distributed revision control that refers to a data structure
  • Repository clone, concept from distributed revision control
  • Repository (publishing), real or virtual facility for the deposit of academic publications such as academic journal articles
  • Repository Open Service Interface Definition, O.K.I. specification which defines the storing and retrieving of digital content
  • The Repository, daily newspaper serving the greater Canton, Ohio area
  • Component repository management, field of configuration management
  • Deep geological repository for radioactive waste
  • Information repository, developed to mitigate problems arising from data proliferation
  • Institutional repository, universities create digital collections of an institution's scholarly research
  • National repository, repository for academic publications
  • National Mine Map Repository, U.S. government-run facility assuming the responsibility of storing information extracted from mining maps, including pictures of the actual maps
  • Serum repository, facility which stores frozen serum for future retrieval and study
  • Software repository, storage location from which software packages may be retrieved and installed on a computer
  • Digital repository, also known as a virtual or digital library
  • Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions, and politics, British periodical published 1809-1829, commonly called Ackermann's Repository

Other articles related to "repository":

Low Level Waste Repository
... Low Level Waste Repository (LLW Repository Ltd) is the UK's low-level radioactive waste repository located on the West Cumbrian coast approximately six kilometres south east of the Sellafield nuclear site ... had been awarded the contract for the management and operation of the Low Level Waste Repository ...
Social Science Open Access Repository
... The Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR) is a database specialising in scholarly articles from the social sciences which is freely accessible on the Internet ... The repository follows the so-called "Green Road", a strategy for the implementation of Open Access whereby preprints or postprints of scholarly contributions are archived in an openly-acce ...
The Chinese Repository
... The Chinese Repository was a periodical published in Canton between May 1832–1851, for the use of Protestant missionaries working in southeast Asia ... The Repository was the brainchild of Elijah Coleman Bridgman, the first American Protestant missionary appointed to China ...
SOFA (component System) - SOFA 2 Basis - Repository
... SOFA 2 provides a repository of a components which is automatically generated from the meta-model ...

Famous quotes containing the word repository:

    I cannot consent that my mortal body shall be laid in a repository prepared for an Emperor or a King—my republican feelings and principles forbid it—the simplicity of our system of government forbids it.
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)