Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge or Oakridge is the name of many places:

In the United Kingdom:

  • Oakridge, Gloucestershire, England
  • Oakridge, Hampshire, England

In the United States of America:

  • Oak Ridge (California), a ridge in Santa Clara County
  • Oak Ridge, Florida, in Orange County
  • Oak Ridge, Louisiana
  • Oak Ridge, Missouri
  • Oak Ridge, New York, a hamlet south of the village of Charleston, New York
  • Oak Ridge, New Jersey, a town
  • Oak Ridge, North Carolina, a town in Guilford County
    • Oak Ridge Military Academy, a military college-preparatory school
  • Oak Ridge, Stokes County, North Carolina
  • Oakridge, Oregon
  • Oak Ridge, a northward extension of Seminary Ridge on the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania
  • Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a city in East Tennessee
    • Oak Ridge Associated Universities
    • K-25, the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant
    • Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
    • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • ORACLE (computer) (Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine)
  • Oakridge, Tennessee, an unincorporated place in Montgomery County
  • Oak Ridge, Cooke County, Texas
  • Oak Ridge, Kaufman County, Texas
  • Oak Ridge North, Texas (Montgomery County, Texas)
  • Oakridge, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community

In Canada:

  • Oakridge, Calgary, Alberta, a neighbourhood
  • Oakridge, Vancouver, British Columbia, a neighbourhood
  • Oakridge, Toronto, Ontario, a neighbourhood
  • Oak Ridges (disambiguation) may refer to a number of places in Canada

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Mindy Gehrs - Youth in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
... A native of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Gehrs is the daughter of Dr ... Tennessee state champion and swam for both Oak Ridge High School and the Atomic City Aquatic Club (so named because Gehrs' hometown of Oak Ridge was a base for the Manhattan Project, the operation that ... In 1998, Gehrs was inducted into the Oak Ridge Sports Hall of Fame ...
Cuthbert Hurd - Life
... In 1947 he moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where he worked for Union Carbide as mathematician at the United States Atomic Energy Commission facility Oak Ridge National Laboratory ... At Oak Ridge he supervised the installation of an IBM 602 calculating punched card machine to automate the tracking of material in the facility, and saw the potential for automating the massive amounts of ... could be used for calculations being done at Oak Ridge for the NEPA project to power an airplane with a nuclear reactor, but the demands for the SSEC produced a backlog ...
Luther Brannon House
... The Luther Brannon House is a stone bungalow structure at 151 Oak Ridge Turnpike in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where it is one of the few buildings ... After the war, when most other remaining pre-war structures in Oak Ridge were torn down, the house was left standing ... As of 1991, it was one of only three pre-World War II houses remaining in Oak Ridge ...
Miller's Department Store - Notable Locations - Branch Stores
... established one of the first stores in Oak Ridge during the Manhattan Project ... The original Miller's store in Oak Ridge was established in 1944 on Broadway ... The store later relocated to the Downtown Shopping Center, which was renovated into Oak Ridge Mall between 1989 and 1991 ...
Oak Ridge, Nelson County, Virginia
... Oak Ridge is an unincorporated community in Nelson County, Virginia, United States. ...

Famous quotes containing the words ridge and/or oak:

    All sound heard at the greatest possible distance produces one and the same effect, a vibration of the universal lyre, just as the intervening atmosphere makes a distant ridge of earth interesting to our eyes by the azure tint it imparts to it.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    I could lecture on dry oak leaves; I could, but who would hear me? If I were to try it on any large audience, I fear it would be no gain to them, and a positive loss to me. I should have behaved rudely toward my rustling friends.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)