Practising School Yangon Institute of Education

Practising School Yangon Institute Of Education

Coordinates: 16°49′4″N 96°8′4″E / 16.81778°N 96.13444°E / 16.81778; 96.13444

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TTC Yangon, Kamayut
"All for All"
Kamayut, Yangon, Myanmar
Type Comprehensive School
Established 1931
Rector Dr. Lwin Lwin Soe
Principal Dr. Myint Myint San
Staff 160
Number of students 8420
Campus Kamayut campus, Hlaing campus

The Practising High School, Yangon Institute of Education (commonly abbreviated TTC Yangon) is a high school in Yangon, Myanmar. TTC stands for Teachers' Training College, which is now Institute of Education. Although it is a "high school" in the technical sense, TTC's student body comprises students from Grade One (formerly Kindergarten) to Grade Eleven (formerly Tenth Standard) or Matriculation, the highest standard in Myanmar education system. The origin of the name of the school comes from the fact that TTC is part of the Institute of Education (former Teachers' Training College), whose trainee teachers are attached to the school as part of their course.

TTC has produced some notable alumni in international and national arenas. It is one of the most famous schools in the country, for its excellent facilities, professionalism of the academic and support staff as well as the academic achievement of its students on both national and international stages.

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Practising School Yangon Institute Of Education - Alumni
... Pe Thein (Class of 1941) (deceased) - Former Minister for Education and Health (retired 1997) and former lecturer at Universities of Yangon and Mandalay ... and Cancer Biology) Achieved the highest overall score in British General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A-levels) in the United Kingdom and was awarded a prize from the Royal ... She is now a post-doctoral research fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working on cancer-related areas of biochemistry ...

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