Philemon may refer to:

Arts and literature:

  • Philemon (New Testament person), the recipient of Saint Paul's Epistle to Philemon
  • Baucis and Philemon, the couple from the Metamorphoses of Greek mythology
  • Epistle to Philemon, a book in the New Testament, it is a prison letter by Paul of Tarsus to Philemon, a leader in the Colossian church
  • Philémon (comics), a Franco-Belgian comic book series by Fred
  • Philemon (musical), a musical by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt
  • Philemon Arthur and the Dung, a music group from Scania, Sweden, consisting of two members, whose real names are unknown
  • Philemon Martyr, a play by Jesuit Jacob Bidermann (1578–1639)
  • Filemón Pi, a Spanish comic book character
  • Philemon, a character from the video game Shin Megami Tensei Persona, a spirit guide who wears a butterfly mask


  • Philemon (poet) (ca. 362 BC – ca. 262 BC), an Athenian poet and playwright of the New Comedy
  • Philemon the actor (died 305), a saint who was converted by Saint Appolonius, they were martyred together in the fourth century
  • Philemon of Antioch, a Greek Orthodox Patriarch from 1766–1767
  • Phil Masinga (1969), full name Philemon Masinga, a former South African footballer who played for teams in several countries
  • Philemon Pownoll (ca. 1734 - 1780), Royal Navy officer


  • Philemon Ministries, a Kenyan prisons ministry charity founded by Kelvin Mwikya


  • Red Book (Jung), a book by Carl Jung, which had Philemon, a wise spirit guide in form of an elderly winged man
  • Philemon Foundation, a non-profit organization for publication of the Complete Works of Carl Gustav Jung
  • Przygody kota Filemona Filemon, a cat in Polish animated cartoon.


  • Philemon (genus), a genus of birds in the family Meliphagidae
  • Philemon albitorques
  • Philemon argenticeps
  • Philemon brassi
  • Philemon buceroides
  • Philemon citreogularis
  • Philemon cockerelli
  • Philemon corniculatus
  • Philemon diemenensis
  • Philemon eichhorni
  • Philemon fuscicapillus
  • Philemon inornatus
  • Philemon kisserensis
  • Philemon meyeri
  • Philemon moluccensis
  • Philemon novaeguineae
  • Philemon plumigenis
  • Philemon subcorniculatus
  • Philemon yorki

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