Henry VI

Henry VI may refer to:

  • Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor (1165–1197).
  • Henry VI, Count of Luxembourg, (crowned 1281, died 1288)
  • Henry VI of England (1421–1471)
  • Henry VI (play), the series of three plays by William Shakespeare about the life and times of Henry VI of England:
  • Henry VI, Part 1
  • Henry VI, Part 2
  • Henry VI, Part 3
  • Henri, Count of Paris (1908–1999), Orleanist claimant, numbered as King Henry VI of France

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... play Brian Protheroe in the BBC Shakespeare versions of Henry VI, Part 2, Henry VI, Part 3 and The Tragedy of Richard the Third (1983) Marc Betton in a French film version of Richard ...
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... Henry VI decided to take advantage of his Father's threat of force against Byzantium to exact tribute and had a threatening letter sent to the ... submitted to the tributary demands of Henry VI and then exacted high taxes from his subjects to pay the Crusaders 5,000 pounds of gold ... Before he could set sail, Henry died ...
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... The Crusade of 1197 (also known as the Crusade of Henry VI or the German Crusade of 1197 German Deutscher Kreuzzug) was a crusade launched by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI in ... Henry VI died of a fever in Messina in October 1197, with many higher-ranking nobles returning to Germany to protect their interests in the next imperial election ...
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... Ancestors of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor 16 ... Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor 9 ... Henry IX, Duke of Bavaria 21 ...
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... See also Henry VI of England Henry VI was a figure of particular importance in the Coventry area ... A cult of veneration then grew to 'Henry the Martyr', and despite early attempts to ban it (in 1479 the Archbishop of York banned veneration of his image ... In 1494 Pope Alexander VI set up a commission of enquiry to look into miracles attributed to him and by 1499 his cult was even bigger than that of Thomas Becket ...