Francisco De Villagra

Francisco De Villagra

Francisco de Villagra Velázquez (1511 – 22 July 1563) was a Spanish conquistador, and three times governor of Chile.

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Conquest Of Chile - Timeline of Events
... Year Date Event 1540 December Pedro de Valdivia takes possession of Chile in the name of the King of Spain. 1552 San Felipe de Rauco, La Imperial and Villarrica are founded ... February 9 The city of Valdivia is founded by Pedro de Valdivia ...
Royal Governor Of Chile - Governors of The Kingdom of Chile
... Picture Name Entered Office Exited Office Notes Appointed by Pedro de Valdivia August 1540 December 1547 Charles V Francisco de Villagra December 20 ... July 1549 Pedro de Valdivia 20 July 1549 25 ... Rodrigo de Quiroga December 1553 February 1555 Francisco de Villagra Francisco de Aguirre Cabildos of Chile February 1555 May 1556 The cities of Chile governed themselves while the ... Francisco de Villagra May 1556 April 1557 Philip II García Hurtado de Mendoza April 1557 February 1561 Francisco de Villagra February 1561 June 1563 Pedro de Villagra June 1563 June 1565 ...
Alonso De Reinoso
... Alonso de Reinoso (or Reynoso) (1518–1567) was a Spanish Conquistador in Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Chile ... He was married to Catalina Flores de Riofrío before he came to the Americas in 1535 ... He first disembarked in Cartagena de Indias in Colombia but soon moved on and fought for twelve years in Honduras and the Yucatán with Pedro de Alvarado and Francisco de Montejo and was ...
Arauco War - Second Great Mapuche Rebellion (1561) - Campaigns of Francisco De Villagra
... Hostilities resumed with the arrival of Francisco de Villagra to replace Mendoza ... the brief interim governorship of Rodrigo de Quiroga with the killing of the hated encomendero and corregidor of Cañete Pedro de Avendaño and two other Spaniards in July 1561 in the valley of Puren ... With Villagra's arrival also came its first smallpox epidemic that ravaged the native population of Chile ...
Francisco De Villagra - Last Government and Death
... Years later, he was named by the King as the successor to Hurtado de Mendoza, and he took office in 1561 ... the regulation of the work in the mines and annulled the encomiendas that Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza had given to his friends and companions, which began new protests against him ... He also suffered in addition the death of his son Pedro de Villagra in this war, which made his mental and physical condition worse ...

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