Francisco De Villagra - Last Government and Death

Last Government and Death

Years later, he was named by the King as the successor to Hurtado de Mendoza, and he took office in 1561. His government began with a terrible event, since the boat in which he came brought the smallpox to Chile. It appeared in a disastrous epidemic in Valparaiso and Santiago, but also affected with still greater severity the Mapuches that lost between twenty and twenty five percent of their population. When initiating his rule he reorganized the regulation of the work in the mines and annulled the encomiendas that Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza had given to his friends and companions, which began new protests against him. He organized a new expedition against the Mapuche, but his body tired of so many battles fell irremediably ill. He had to be transferred in a stretcher to the battle sites. He also suffered in addition the death of his son Pedro de Villagra in this war, which made his mental and physical condition worse. He later designated his cousin Pedro de Villagra to continue the campaign, giving him also the title of temporary governor, thanks to a power given him by the viceroy.

He died at ConcepciĆ³n two days later, on 22 July 1563, and according to his desire, was buried with the Franciscan habit.

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