• (noun): A movement into or inward.
    Synonyms: entrance
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Miss Ecuador 2009
... Ecuador at Miss Universe 2009, Miss World Ecuador will be entering Miss World 2009 and Miss Internacional Ecuador will be entering Miss International 2009 ... The First Runner Up will be entering Miss Earth 2009 and Miss Maja 2009 and the Second Runner Up will be entering Miss Atlantic International 2010 ...
Reuven Hammer - Bibliography
... ISBN 0-300-03345-1 Entering Jewish Prayer A guide to personal devotion and the worship service ... ISBN 0-8276-0551-X Entering the High Holy Days A guide to origins, themes, and prayers ... (with Jules Harlow, Harold Kushner, and Avram Israel Reisner) Entering Torah Prefaces to the weekly Torah portion ...
Saskatchewan Highway 34 - Route
... (km) Feature −0.3 Depart from Whitetail, Montana on SR-511 (North) 0.0 Entering Saskatchewan, road name changes to Highway 34 0.2 Entering the Rural Municipality of Happy Vally No. 10 10.3 Junction with Highway 18 30.1 Entering the Rural Municipality of Bengough No 40 40.0 Junction with Highway 705 ... Continues on as Highway 34 (705) 44.9 Entering Bengough 46.5 Junction with Highways 624 and 705 ...
Sreevallabha Temple - Customs of Worship - Customs Followed in The Temple
... The priests strictly should take bath in Jalavanthy before entering the temple and they shall never use sacred ash or vibhoothi, only sandal paste is to be used ... Also the priests entering Sreevallabhan’s shrine are restricted from entering even other shrines in the temple ...
Camp Ramah In Canada - List of Edot
... Shorashim (entering 3rd grade 1 or 2 weeks long) Nitzanim (entering 4th and 5th grade 4 or 8 weeks long) Arazim (entering 6th grade 4 or 8 weeks long) K'firim (entering 7th grade 4 or 8 weeks long) Tzirim (entering ...

More definitions of "entering":

  • (adj): That is going in.
    Example: "The entering class"
    Synonyms: ingoing

Famous quotes containing the word entering:

    I’ve been asked to give some words of advice for young women entering library/information science education. Does anyone ever take advice? The advice we give is usually what we would do or would have done if we had the chance, and the advice that’s taken, if ever, is often what we wanted to hear in the first place.
    Phyllis Dain (b. 1930)

    “... Farewell then,
    Until, under a better sky
    We may meet expended, for just doing it
    Is only an excuse. We need the tether
    Of entering each other’s lives, eyes wide apart, crying.”
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    But while ignorance can make you insensitive, familiarity can also numb. Entering the second half-century of an information age, our cumulative knowledge has changed the level of what appalls, what stuns, what shocks.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)