Entering Tone

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General Chinese - Onsets and Rhymes - Tones - Dialectical Correspondences
... The realization of the tones in the various varieties of Chinese is generally predictable see Four tones for details ... In Beijing Mandarin, for example, even tone is split according to voicing, with muddy consonants becoming aspirates ba, pa, ma, bha → bā, pā, má, pá (and mha → mā) ... Going tone is not split, and muddy consonants become tenuis bah, pah, mah, bhah → bà, pà, mà, bà ...
Middle Chinese - Phonology - Tones
... See also Four tones The Qieyun classified characters in four parts according to their tone even tone (píngshēng 平聲), rising tone (shǎngshēng 上聲), departing tone (qùshēng ... The "entering tone", also known as a "checked tone", actually refers to syllables characterized by a final stop consonant (/p/, /t/, or /k/) rather than ... It is difficult to determine the exact contours of the other tones ...
Checked Tone - Reconstruction of Entering Tones From Languages That Lack It
... Although it is hard to distinguish words of entering tone origin based on Mandarin pronunciation only, it is possible to do so to an extent with the help of the ... is a quick way to identify characters of the entering tone ... If a character has a phonetic component and is known to have an entering tone, other characters that have that phonetic component probably have an entering tone ...
S. L. Wong (phonetic Symbols) - Phonology - Tones
... There are basically 9 tones in Cantonese ... Tones play an important role in distinguishing meanings ... Tones also form melodies in poem and prose composition ...
Sichuanese Mandarin - Phonology - Tones
... There are five phonemic tones in Sichuanese dark level tone, light level tone, rising tone, departing tone and entering tone (or checked tone) ... In some regions the checked tone of Sichuanese has been merged into another tone, which is very different from standard Mandarin, whose checked tone has been merged irregularly into the other 4 tones ... all the 150 Sichuanese-speaking cities and counties, 48 keep the checked tone while the other 102 have only 4 tones ...

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    We often contradict an opinion when it is actually only the tone with which it was put forward that is uncongenial to us.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    “... Farewell then,
    Until, under a better sky
    We may meet expended, for just doing it
    Is only an excuse. We need the tether
    Of entering each other’s lives, eyes wide apart, crying.”
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)