Arrow Cross

A cross whose arms end in arrowheads is called a "cross barby" or "cross barbee" in the traditional terminology of heraldry. In Christian use, the ends of this cross resemble the barbs of fish hooks, or fish spears. This alludes to the Ichthys symbol of Christ, and is suggestive of the "fishers of men" theme in the Gospel.

In modern use, the symbol has become associated with extremist organisations after the Arrow Cross (Nyilaskereszt) symbol was used in Hungary in the 1930s and 1940s as the symbol of a Hungarian National Socialist political party, the Arrow Cross Party. The symbol consists of two green double-ended arrows in a cross configuration on a white circular background, much like the German Nazi swastika. The arrow cross symbol remains outlawed in Hungary.

A similar symbol, the Crosstar, is now used by the Nationalist Movement, a white supremacist group based in the United States. Both are basically the arrow cross symbol.

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History Of Hungary - Between The Two World Wars (1918–1941) - World War II
... the armistice, depose the Lakatos government, and name the leader of the Arrow Cross Party, Ferenc Szálasi, as Prime Minister ... Thousands more Jews were killed by Hungarian Arrow Cross members ... Szálasi fought on, as the territory effectively controlled by the Arrow Cross regime shrunk gradually ...
Jacob Steiner - Rescued 1945
1945 all inhabitants were dragged away by an Arrow Cross Party executing brigade of the city commandership near to the Danube banks. 20 policemen with drawn bayonets broke into the Arrow Cross house and rescued all ] ... this page On December 25, 1944, Jacob Steiner's father was shot dead by Arrow Cross militiamen on, falling into the Danube as a result ...
Perlasca, Un Eroe Italiano - Plot
... Disturbed by his chambermaid he is warned of the raid of Arrow Cross storm troopers coming up on the stairs to arrest him ... that the house was indeed cleaned up illegally by the Arrow Cross soldiers ... He then visits an Arrow Cross Interrogation base, where he finds a lot of executed Jews but saves those few who survived the torture with Magde among them ...
Arrow Cross Party
... The Arrow Cross Party (Hungarian Nyilaskeresztes Párt – Hungarista Mozgalom, literally "Arrow Cross Party-Hungarist Movement") was a national socialist party led by Ferenc Szálas ... After the war, Szálasi and other Arrow Cross leaders were tried as war criminals by Soviet courts ...
Hungary In World War II - Soviet Invasion of Hungary
... depose the Lakatos government, and name the leader of the Arrow Cross Party, Ferenc Szálasi, as Prime Minister ... Nonetheless, the Arrow Cross launched a reign of terror against the Jews of Budapest ... By the start of April, the Germans, with the Arrow Cross in tow, had completely vacated Hungarian soil ...

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