Wing Feathers

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Velociraptor - Paleobiology - Feathers
... than Velociraptor are known to have had feathers covering their bodies, and fully developed, feathered wings ... to paleontologists that Velociraptor bore feathers as well, since even flightless birds today retain most of their feathers ... These bumps on bird wing bones show where feathers anchor, and their presence on Velociraptor indicate it too had feathers ...
Methods of Chick Sexing - Feather Sexing
... Tegels Poultry Breeding Company developed broiler chickens that could be feather sexed ... coverts are either the same length or longer than the primary wing feathers ... In the fast-feathering females, the primary wing feathers are longer than the coverts ...
Anchiornis - Description - Color
... In 2010, a team of scientists examined numerous points among the feathers of an extremely well preserved Anchiornis specimen to survey the distribution of ... technique had been used and described for isolated bird feathers and portions of other dinosaurs (such as the tail of Sinosauropteryx), Anchiornis became the first Mesozoic dinosaur for which almost the entire ... Most of the body feathers of Anchiornis were gray and black ...

Famous quotes containing the words feathers and/or wing:

    Too many feathers can sink a boat, and too many knick-knacks can break an axle.
    Chinese proverb.

    No Raven’s wing can stretch the flight so far
    As the torn bandrols of Napoleon’s war.
    Choose then your climate, fix your best abode,
    He’ll make you deserts and he’ll bring you blood.
    How could you fear a dearth? have not mankind,
    Tho slain by millions, millions left behind?
    Has not conscription still the power to weild
    Her annual faulchion o’er the human field?
    A faithful harvester!
    Joel Barlow (1754–1812)