What is seer?

  • (noun): An authoritative person who divines the future.
    Synonyms: prophet, oracle, vaticinator
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Seer - Other Uses
... Seer (unit), a customary unit of mass and capacity in Asia Seer fish, a group of sea fish varieties that are popular in South Asia SEER-SEM, an algorithmic project management software application USS Seer (A ...
The Seer (periodical) - History of Publication
... The first edition of The Seer was published in January 1853, with future editions being produced monthly ... The contents of The Seer were composed almost entirely of original writings by Pratt ... For example, Pratt dedicated 107 of the 192 total pages of The Seer to a twelve-part exposition on what he called celestial marriage ...
Seer Systems - History
... Seer's founder, joined the staff of Sequential Circuits (creators of the groundbreaking Prophet-5 synthesizer) in 1979 ... team, and at the end of 1992 founded Seer Systems to work on the project ... Seer began afresh with a Pentium-based architecture ...
Mindwarp (film) - Plot
... saved by the Crawlers' leader, the masked Seer (who is intelligent and can speak), from being butchered ... The Seer's consort, Cornelia, also an Outworlder, is jealous of the Seer's intentions towards Judy ... Her attempt to infect Judy with a mutant leech-like parasite fails, however, and the Seer has Cornelia's slave/foster daughter Claude crushed by an elaborate meat grinder constructed ...
Seer Systems
... Seer Systems developed the world's first commercial software synthesizer in the early 1990s ... as an independent software developer and retailer, Seer helped lay the groundwork for a major shift in synthesis technology using personal computers, rather than dedicated ...

More definitions of "seer":

  • (noun): An observer who perceives visually.
    Example: "An incurable seer of movies"

Famous quotes containing the word seer:

    Always the seer is a sayer. Somehow his dream is told: somehow he publishes it with solemn joy: sometimes with pencil on canvas: sometimes with chisel on stone; sometimes in towers and aisles of granite, his soul’s worship is builded; sometimes in anthems of indefinite music; but clearest and most permanent, in words.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)