What is quotient?

  • (noun): The number obtained by division.
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In mathematics, a quotient (from Latin: quotiens) is the result of division. For example, when dividing 6 by 3, the quotient is 2, while 6 is called the dividend, and 3 the divisor. The quotient further is expressed as the number of times the divisor divides into the dividend, e.g. 3 divides 2 times into 6. A quotient can also mean just the integer part of the result of dividing two integers. For example, the quotient of 13 and 5 would be 2 while the remainder would be 3. For more, see the Euclidean division.

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Quotient - Other Meanings
... Quotients also come up in certain tests, like the IQ or SAT test, which stands for intelligence quotient ... emphasis has been placed on full personal development, other similar quotients have appeared ... These include moral quotient, emotional quotient, adversity quotient, social quotient, creativity quotient, etc ...
Maximal Semilattice Quotient
... In abstract algebra, a branch of mathematics, a maximal semilattice quotient is a commutative monoid derived from another commutative monoid by making certain elements equivalent to each ... The binary relation is a monoid congruence of M, and the quotient monoid is the maximal semilattice quotient of M ...
Logrithm - Logarithmic Identities - Product, Quotient, Power, and Root
... The logarithm of a product is the sum of the logarithms of the numbers being multiplied the logarithm of the ratio of two numbers is the difference of the logarithms ... The logarithm of the p-th power of a number is p times the logarithm of the number itself the logarithm of a p-th root is the logarithm of the number divided by p ...
Indistinguishability Quotient
... games, for an impartial game under the misère convention, finding the indistinguishability quotient of all the positions in a game opens the theoretical possibility of predicting the outcome of the sum of any ... The indistinguishability quotient of a game is expressed as the product of a number of symbols ... Usually, the quotient of games is found bottom up, with quotients for subsequently larger positions found ...
Curiosity Quotient
... Curiosity quotient is a term put forth by author and journalist Thomas L ... not they possess a particularly high intelligence quotient (IQ) ... The non-mathematical and fictitious formula is ] where CQ is "curiosity quotient" and PQ is "passion quotient." Thomas Friedman states that when curiosity is paired with ...

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  • (noun): The ratio of two quantities to be divided.