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Shunji Yatsushiro - Grand Prix Career Statistics
1 15 ... Points Rank Wins 1986 500cc HRC-Moriwaki Honda NSR500 ESP NAT GER AUT YUG NED BEL FRA GBR SWE RSM 7 13th 1987. 500cc Rothmans-Ho ...
Leysh Nat' Arak - Formats and Track Listings
... These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Leysh Nat' Arak" ... CD single "Leysh Nat' Arak" (Radio edit) – 411 "Leysh Nat' Arak" (Nueba mix) – 708 "Leysh Nat' Arak" (FDM mix) – 650 "Duden" – 638 12-inch single "Leysh Nat' Arak" (Radio edit) – 411 "Le ...
nat Conservateur
... The Sénat conservateur was a body set up in France during the Consulate by the Constitution of the Year VIII ... Empire, did nothing but reinforce the importance of the Sénat conservateur ...
Christmas Special (TV Special) - Production
... In real life, Nat Wolff was inspired by president Barack Obama, while he was running for office, to re-compose the song "Yes We Can" ... Nat got to speak with Obama's two daughters on the phone ... Nat Wolff's mom and the series' creator Polly Draper wrote this episode based around his song ...

Famous quotes containing the word nat:

    Jesu Crist us sende
    Housbondes meke, yonge, and fresshe abedde,
    And grace t’overbyde hem that we wedde.
    And eek I preye Jesu shorte hir lyves
    That wol nat be governed by hir wyves;
    And olde and angry nigardes of dispence,
    God sende hem sone verray pestilence.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)

    I have swich love-longinge,
    That lik a turtle trewe is my moorninge:
    I may nat ete namore than a maide.”
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)

    Boold was hir face, and fair, and reed of hewe.
    She was a worthy womman al hir lyve.
    Housbondes at chirche dore she hadde fyve,
    Withouten oother compaignye in youthe—
    But therof nedeth nat to speke as nowthe.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)